Gregory Taylor - Artist, songwriter, musician

Alone In My Room CD
She Is Gone
Burning Both Ends
Didn't Want To Let You Go
That's How Love Should Always Be
Hopes And Dreams
Please Stay Well
Blow It Out
Who We Are
Alone In My Room
I'm Going Home
Our Wedding Day
She's Got No One
Life Goes On

Variable Lost
Unwarranted Blues
Giving World
Lightning Strike
That Special Season

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Scott Nicholson of the Watauga Democrat says: “Taylor used an all-star cast of area musicians on his album “Variable Lost” with tunes ranging from rock to jazz to experimental tone poems. With lines like ‘There’s no greater love than the gift of a child’ or when he describes his anger as ‘a tremor of rifts and valleys split wide, which could destroy everything in its path,’ Taylor reveals a reflective and introspective nature that’s a welcome relief from the modern and undirected angst that too many musicians spew through overdriven amplifiers.”

Jeff Eason of the Mountain Times says: "Taylor's musical palette contains colors from all of his musical influences including jazz, pop, 60's psychedelia, folk and blues. Taylor takes on such diverse subjects as violence, lost love, home, civil rights, and Christmas. His songwriting skills are superb...Taylor's mix of individualist lyrics, great musicianship, and help from his friends make Red Hawk Flying a truly enjoyable album."